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Entry policy and dress code

How old do you have to be to gain entry to NG1?

NG1 is strictly an 18 and over venue. We operate a challenge 25 policy – anyone deemed to appear under 25 will be asked to provide suitable proof of age identification. Entry is always at the discretion of management and the security team.

What do you accept as proof of age identification?

We accept photo card drivers licences and passports only. We do not accept student cards as proof of age.

Can you tell me about the ID scanning machines in use at NG1?

NG1 is a Nottingham Best Bar None accredited venue and as part of this, we support the Nottinghamshire Police initiative to implement the use of night time venue ID scanners. We employ the use of SCANNET ID scanners for all customers. Whilst allowing us to scan your ID is optional, NG1 Ltd management have the ultimate decision on whether to allow entry, and may choose to deny entry to those who do not wish to allow their ID to be scanned. For full details of the SCANNET system, how we use your data and our Data Protection Policy please click here 

Can I leave the club and come back later?

Unfortunately NG1 doesn’t operate a pass-out system. Anyone wishing to leave the venue and return will be charged entry at the current rate upon their return.

Is there a dress code?

Yes – we operate a smart-casual dress code. Smart trainers and jeans are fine. We do not permit activewear/sportswear such as jogging bottoms, tracksuits, hoodies and football boots. Want to wear a cap? That’s fine, but you’ll need to remove it until you’re inside the club to allow our security team a clear view of your face. Fancy dress is usually permitted. Any specific queries regarding our dress code can be made by contacting us.

Can I pay for entry using a credit/debit card?

Yes you can – we accept all major credit and debit cards with the exception of American Express.

What time is last entry?

Last entry is usually at 5am on a Friday night and 5:30am on a Saturday night. Last entry varies for special events/events which take place on other nights of the week.

Concessions and tickets

Do you offer any birthday/special occasion packages?

It’s great to hear that you’ll be joining us for your special night out – We can offer a reserved seating area which is ideal for birthdays and special occasions. Drop us a message for more information here

Are there any special entry deals for students?

NG1 loves students! NUS entry is currently £1 all night on a Friday night, and £1 before 4am/£4 after on a Saturday night. Entry is free for everyone before 1am Friday and Saturday nights.

Can I purchase advance tickets?

We don’t issue printed tickets, but you can purchase tickets for special events online here.

Cloakroom and lost property

Is there a cloakroom?

There is indeed! We charge £2 per item left with us and issue a uniquely numbered printed ticket. The cloakroom is located next to the entry counter, to the left of the main doors.

What do I do about lost property/was my item handed in?

If you still have your cloakroom ticket:
You can collect your item from the cloakroom during the clubs next open night during our normal opening hours, don’t worry – we’ve still got your item!
If you’ve lost your cloakroom ticket and left the club/want to know if something was handed in:
You can send a description of the item and your contact details to our team here – they’ll check the list of lost property and get back to you as soon as possible with an answer and details of when you can collect the item if it’s with us*.
*IMPORTANT: If you are unlucky enough to lose your cloakroom ticket, please remember that whoever finds the ticket could present it at the cloakroom to collect your item. Regrettably NG1 Ltd can accept no responsibility for items lost from the cloakroom in this manner.

There were items in my coat/bag pockets and now they're missing...

Regrettably, NG1 Ltd can accept no responsibility for possessions left inside items checked in to the cloakroom as these additional items were not checked in – only the specific item was.

Can I put more than one item on a hanger/check in more than one bag for a single fee?

No – each item is chargeable individually, and each jacket/coat must go on it’s own hanger. Each bag is chargeable individually.

Everything else

Do you have a designated smoking area?

We have a large purpose-built outdoor smoking terrace which is directly accessible from the main room. You won’t need to leave NG1 to have a cigarette! You can see some photographs of the smoking terrace here.

Can I get on the guest list?

Entry is free before 1am most Friday and Saturday nights. If we’re offering any free tickets for special events they can be found here.

What are the opening hours?

Our current weekly openings are as follows: Fridays 11:30pm – 6am, Saturdays 11:30pm – 6:30am and Bank Holiday Sundays 11pm – 6am. Special events may be on other nights of the week/have different timings – you can check the opening/closing times of a specific event here.

Is NG1 wheelchair friendly?

NG1 has level access to all areas with the exception of the main room viewing gallery and the main room raised bar area. We have lift access to the upstairs arena and offer full disabled toilet facilities. If there’s anything else you’d like to know, contact us and we’ll do our best to answer any questions you may have.

Do you offer earplugs?

We take protecting our staff and customers hearing very seriously and therefore offer free disposable earplugs to all. You can collect a pair from the reception counter dispenser on your way in to the club, or request a pair via the cloakroom counter once you’re inside.

Can I pay for drinks using my credit/debit card?

Yes you can – All bars within NG1 are equipped to accept all major credit and debit cards with the exception of American Express.

Is there a cash point inside NG1?

We haven’t got a cash point, but we do offer a cash back service. Cash back is available from any bar or the cloakroom counter with a maximum amount of £50. Cash back is not available from the entry pay desk.

My question isn’t listed – help me please!

For anything else NG1 related, you can contact us  and we’ll get back to you with an answer as soon as we can.